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Waze app is not a new thing for almost everyone who own a smartphone and also drove a car. Its an application thats available for iOS and Android users.

Waze is a GPS-based geographical navigation application program for smartphones with GPS support and display screens which provides turn-by-turn information and user-submitted travel times and route details, downloading location-dependent information over the mobile telephone network.

Waze Ltd. was founded in 2008 in Israel by Uri Levine, software engineer Ehud Shabtai, and Amir Shinar. The company was originally called LinQmap.

In June 2013 Google bought Waze for $966M. Several internet giants also has shows interest in getting Waze but it did not reach an agreement.

Until now the app server are still base in Israel where it was created. The app is widely use all around the world including Asia.

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We highlight stories of Sabah in almost every aspect

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Profile photo of Sabah Mag

Sabah Mag

We highlight stories of Sabah in almost every aspect

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