Mount Kinabalu Summit reopen for climbers

After the devastating earthquake, Mount Kinabalu summit once again reopen to climbers. There were 135 climbers to be the first to experience the new Ranau trail going up to the summit. They were flagged off by State Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Seri Masidi Manjun at Timpohon Gate on the 1st December 2015.

Masidi said the guide fees had been increased from RM150 to RM230 while Sabah Parks would also provide them insurance coverage for death and injuries. He said Sabah Parks was also reviewing the climbing and porter’s fees.

Masidi said that while 135 people climbed the mountain after the reopening, Sabah Parks had decided to limit the number of climbers to 120 daily.

One of the person among the first batch of climbers was Hana Sue from Sabah Tourism Board, took picture of the new Ranau trail.



Sacrificial ritual of 7 white chicken before the climb by the elderly – Photo by Hana Sue


A 50 metres Belian wood steps – Photo by Hana Sue


The new Ranau trail – Photo by Hana Sue
Ice on the top of the mountain – Photo by Hana Sue
Steep step on the rock face – Photo by Hana Sue
Remnant of the earthquake – Photo by Hana Sue
– Photo by Hana Sue
– Photo by Hana Sue
– Photo by Hana Sue


Video: The Star Online
Photo by: Hana Sue

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Profile photo of Sabah Mag

Sabah Mag

We highlight stories of Sabah in almost every aspect

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