Borneo Bird Club in collaboration with Sabah Tourism board and Brunei Tourism for the first time, launch the first international Borneo Bird Race 2013, where a total of 11 countries travel within Borneo island in search for more than 600 species of birds in a wide range of habitats from the coastal regions, freshwater swamps, and lowland forests, to the hills and montane forest of Sabah and Brunei. This year they are back again and this with the addition of Sarawak, making it even longer race and more adventure for the participant. 

At the end of the day, each team will enjoy the beauty of this land as they count the numbers of recorded species, and the longest list shall earn the prestigious “Bornean Bristlehead Trophy”. The event will be jointly organised by Brunei Tourism Board, Sarawak Tourism Board, Sabah Tourism Board and Tourism Malaysia.

Over the years since bird watching has been introduced to Borneo, there were impressive feedbacks and outcomes that helped awareness, conservation, and promotion for Borneo as birding destination. Currently, there is an encouraging growth of birdwatching activities and there were a number of bird races conducted separately all over the region. The notable Borneo Bird Festival has popularised Bird Race for consecutively 5 years and it is timely that the festival is taken a step forward by introducing the 1st Borneo Bird Race 2013.

The main goal for the Bird Race is to promote Borneo as one of the premier bird watching destination of the world by connecting with birdwatching fraternities around Asian region and to the world.
It is also to encourage travel within Asia.
In the same time also to create awareness and conservation of the bird species that unique to Borneo to the local community and to the global birding fraternities.
Another objective is to foster closer integration and harmony through nature festival of the neighbouring States of Borneo, Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and Kalimantan, Indonesia;
Develop and improvement of infrastructure to wildlife watching tourism;
To enhance and complement the “Heart of Borneo” initiative – Tourism Program.
To increase arrival of eco-tourists and birdwatchers to Borneo.
Further development of naturalist guide and birdwatching guide.
Support good policies to improve nature tourism.

Find out more detail about Borneo Bird Race 2014 from this website.


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Profile photo of Sabah Mag

Sabah Mag

We highlight stories of Sabah in almost every aspect

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